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Our services

Mechanical works
Engines, compressors, pumps, separators, bow truster and turbo chargers
Electrical works

Connect an electric stove, install a new light, loose sockets and loose power cables hanging from the wall
Steel repair
Piping, hull and other welding works and so much more works
Spare parts supply
Marine Compressor complete & spares, Turbo Chargers’s Spares which reginerates engine by itself
Turning works
Performance, ECU Tuning on Most European and COBB Accessport Vehicles, Turbo Upgrades, General Repairs and Maintenance
Paint supply
A wide selection of the best paint-related brands at professional prices. Volume discounts, and exceptional customer service

About Victoria

Victoria Repair Group Ltd was founded in 2009 in Tallinn, Estonia and is one of the leading service providers in the field of ship repairing all over the Baltic States, Europe and Russia. The company is certified: Certificate of Firm Conformity N0 18.00002.124, Recognition Certificate No 18.00004.124 by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. VRG is managed by a team of experts from the marine industry. Our experienced and highly skilled engineers/technicians can attend to the ship as well as deliver a comprehensive and varied supply of spare parts for engines, compressors, pumps, separators and turbo chargers. One is our main strengths is our long-term and extensive experience in the provision of specific ship repair works and our workforce. Thanks to our favorable location and well equipped workhouse we carry out most of types of ship repair activities in our place.

Our company is a representative in the Baltic States of the Wilskens farben GmbH protective coating plant in cooperation with Nippon Paint Marine. Within the framework of the existing contract, we supply the shipowners with paints for dock repairs of ships, draw up painting specifications and carry out technical supervision of cleaning and painting works.

From the date of foundation our company have worked successfully with many customers (shipowners) from the Baltic countries as well as from Western Europe, Russia and Norway. We provide technical services for ships in all Estonian ports, as well as in the ports of the Baltic Sea, Russia and Western Europe.

We have resources through innovation, expertise, quality products and services to help you compete more effectively.

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